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Organic apple production Dyre Gård

The Red Aroma apple is a crossover from Ingrid Marie and Filippa apple seeds. Red Aroma ripens late September and is highly suitable for consumption and production of apple juice. Red Aroma from Dyre Gård has a nice firm fruit flesh, with fairly mild aroma that is relatively sweet, fresh and tangy. The juice is suitable for most meat dishes.


A Discovery apple ripens before the Aroma apple and is a crossover from Worcester Pearmain and Beauty of Bath apple seeds. Discovery from Dyre Gård is firm and crispy. The apple is aromatic, sweet and slightly acid. Discovery apple juice can get a redder tone due to the color of the pulp. The juice is suitable for spicy oriental food and meat dishes.


The time of harvest will to some extent give a slightly varying taste of the fruit.


Dyre Gård is located on the moraine in Rygge municipality in Østfold; the best known moraine in Norway.

It was formed by the great Scandinavian glacier, during the ice age approximately 12,500 years ago. Today, it provides the perfect soil for apple trees. The farm's west-facing location close to the sunny side of the Oslo fjord, provides optimum temperatures, light- and sun conditions for ripening. The apples are grown organically without the use of fertilizers and unnatural pesticides.




In 2015 we expanded with 12,000 Santana apple trees. This apple has a good taste ideal for apple juice.


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