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Rygge has had a varied agricultural and vegetable production for a long time.

The first farmers settled down the gently sloping fields that poured southward or west. It gave the best and lightest culture conditions.


Dyre Gård is located on the gently sloping field that lies west and southwest of precious woods on the sunny side of the Oslo fjord. In the area are numerous historical relics that show that the soil has been used for ages. Cooking pits, holes from house constructions, stone circles, Bronze Age cairns and Iron Age tombs have been found in the area.


New crops and cultivation methods were tested at the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. Exotic plants like field grown tomatoes and asparagus were then grown on Dyre Gård and sent by ferry to Christiania (Oslo) for the sale and consumption.

Previously flowers and vegetables were cultivated for sale and for production of seeds.


With its location between forest and sea, with warm winters and not too hot summers and good high contrast from the sea, the area is very well suited to fruit cultivation.

In 2011 we started planting of the popular apple varieties Red Aroma and Discovery.

In 2015 we expanded with an additional 12,000 trees of a Santana. Dyre Gård has in 2017 approximate 35,000 organic apple trees.


Before planting, the soil was seeded with meadow and plenty of clover; used as a green manure to create new life and biodiversity in the soil.

During these years, to get Debio approval as adequate organic soil, the earth was in a phytosanitary state.


Before planting, the trees were only fertilized and sprayed with organic pesticides mainly consisting of canola oil and pine sol. In addition, we have a rich diversity of utility animal like insects and birds helping us to keep the fruit garden free of pests.


The fertilizer consists primarily of composted dry manure of organic meat, chicken muck and grass (cut between the apple rows).


Today, Dyre Gård cultivates only organic products.

The images are taken from the preparation in 2010 and the first planting year 2011.

From harvesting.