Production at Dyre Gård

Dyre Gård began the production of organic apples of the varieties Red Aroma and Discovery apples during autumn 2013. New machinery is in place in the modern production facilities. In addition to their own juice production, they accept apples for juicing from other apple producers. Apple juice with pulp is the main product. They also produce a new type of organic Apple Snacks; an alternative to sugar infused fruit snacks.

Dyre Gård, Dyreveien 151, 1525 Moss, Norway • E-post: • Tlf. (+ 47) 900 91 472 - (+ 47) 977 59 670

The new production plant at Dyre Gård.

The apples are kept fresh for about two months at approximate + 2°C.

Sorting, washing and pureeing.

Washing of apples, then pressing.

The apple juice is temporarily stored in tanks before bottling

After pasteurization the juice is tapped in bottles and Bag-in-Box

At the end the bottle is closed by screw caps and labelled.

Residual of pressed apples - which goes to fodder.